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Eye surgery in Lyon: cataract surgery, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery includes all eye surgeries to correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Practised since the 1980s, refractive surgery has proven its effectiveness in permanently remedying the problem of wearing glasses or lenses. Today, more than 100,000 patients use it every year in France.

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Hyperopia operation


With surgery, we can remedy your hyperopia, whether it’s tied to other optical defects or not. From laser surgery (LASIK, PKR) to implantable lenses, we determine the most suitable solution for your case to ensure a safe and efficient post-surgery result.



Cataract surgery

Do you have blurred vision, regardless of any eye correction you may have? This condition, called cataract, can affect anyone and causes visual discomfort. Thanks to our expertise in cataract surgery and the latest implant technologies, discover how to definitively renounce the use of glasses.

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Contact lenses - Risks


While contact lenses are a common and effect means of vision correction, they are not without risk. Although rare, serious infection can lead to corneal ulcers and loss of vision.

More commonly, blockage of glands which secrete a lubricant essential to health eye function occurs in longtime contact lense wearers. This condition is called Meibomian gland dysfunction, resulting in dry eye syndrome.

Refractive laser eye surgery is an excellent alternative for those who can no longer comfortably wear contact lenses. Additionally, it will prevent the degeneration of the glands in your eye and protect your tear ducts.

Refractive laser eye surgery is an effective treatment for myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, presbyopia or any combination thereof.




  • The eye operation was like a re-birth. It's so nice to get up in the morning and see clearly without having to put on glasses or lenses. Aesthetically speaking, it’s also better. I feel like I’ve been reborn! I saved for two years for this operation and my ‘mutuelle’ refunded me 400€ per eye. The operation was painless. My sight came back the next day. In any case my result is extraordinary and I thank all of Dr. Donate’s team for their great professionalism and kindness


  • I was operated on by Dr. David Donate on June 20th, 2013, as a result of a drop in vision due to a cataract in each eye. Alongside this problem, I’d been short-sighted and astigmatic since my teenage years. The operation rejuvenated me, by allowing me to see both far and near without glasses. I found Dr. Donate efficient and very kind. I am very grateful for this intervention, which has been a success. I can only recommend it.”


  • I was operated on at the age of 46 last February. Short-sighted, astigmatic, presbyopic in one eye, and hypermetropic, astigmatic and presbyopic in the other. My request was simple: to no longer wear glasses; to have an operation, with sure and definitive results. During my consultation with Dr. Donate, he was accommodating, factual, and explained clearly the different techniques, advantages, risks and inconveniences inherent to each operation. The choice was made for an intervention of the lens, with implant placement in both eyes, in the ambulatory clinic.
    Throughout my eye-surgery and after, Dr. Donate and his team were very professional and caring. I see perfectly from far and near. I do not know my view out of 20 but I’m able to read both all the ‘fine print’ and motorway signs, which was no longer the case before the operation. Do not hesitate, choose the right surgeon, ask all the questions you need to and go for it!


  • Dr. Donate operated on me, on July 17, 2015 at 10 am. The operation -SMILE technique- was painless and very fast for both eyes. On leaving, there was no irritation, no itching, only a slight veil that did not prevent me from seeing or getting about. Two and a half hours later, I was watching a movie and I could finally see the subtitles without glasses! At the end of the film, the veil had completely lifted. It has been a week since Dr. Donate operated on me and since then everything has been normal, or rather, everything is perfect! I could not imagine having perfect vision so soon after the operation (only four hours!). Thanks to Dr. Donate's team for their hospitality, explanations, professionalism and thanks to Dr. Donate for allowing me to put my glasses in the bin with so much ease and confidence


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