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Contact lenses and Coronavirus


Contact lenses and Coronavirus - chirurgie refractive

Contact lenses and Coronavirus.

Nowadays, we can read a lost of posts advising people not to wear contact lenses during the coronavirus episode. However, there are no reliable studies showing an increased complications risk while wearing contact lenses with the Covid-19. There are no studies showing an increased contamination risk either.

In the absence of an eye pathology, wearing contact lenses is not contraindicated if you follow the usual hygienic measures when manipulating and if you respect the period that lenses can be worn.

This confinement period which reduces outdoor and social activities (which are the main reasons why people wear lenses) could be a good occasion to give your eyes a break by wearing glasses instead of contact lenses.

This situation could bring some benefits :

- Spare your lenses stock when it's not easy to go out to buy them

- Limit the complications risk (corneal infections, conjunctivitis...) when it's complicated to go to the doctor

- Reduce the eye irritation created by lenses and allow your cornea to get more oxygen

It is also the good time to realize how dependent you are on this optical correction and you could get rid of it.

Ask your eye specialist for advice, there are solution for all optical corrections.

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