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Protect your eyes at high altitudes


Protect your eyes at high altitudes - chirurgie refractive

It's not always easy to ski with goggles on.

They are uncomfortable if you wear them under a ski mask and are dangerous in case of a fall. Sunglasses that you can see are often insufficiently covering around your eyes. Wearing contact lenses at high altitudes can also be uncomfortable because of the drier air.

However, you should not overlook good sun protection for your eyes because even on cloudy days, your eyes are not protected from UV rays, which can also be reflected off the snow.

A few hours after unprotected exposure, you can quickly experience intense pain, tearing, photophobia or a foreign body sensation in your eyes. An ophthalmological examination will reveal superficial keratitis and a red conjunctiva: this is snow ophthalmia.

The treatment consists of resting the eyes away from the light and applying a healing ointment with vitamin A. The evolution is generally favourable in 48 hours.

To avoid these inconveniences, many amateur and professional skiers choose to have their optical defects operated on.

Don't hesitate to ask your ophthalmologist for advice!


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