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Cararact implants

The intraocular implants that replace your natural lens are of high quality. The materials used are biocompatible and do not degrade over time. They have been extensively studied over a long period of time and are non-toxic to the human body. Flexible and with shape memory, they are rolled up on themselves and are then injected into the capsular bag through a very small incision. In addition to making your vision clear, implants improve the optical performance of your eye and, in the vast majority of cases, allow you to no longer wear glasses or lenses. Your implant will be tailor-made according to the measurements of your eye and according to the vision you require after the procedure. The calculation of its optical power is made from biometrics (eye measurements) from which you will have undergone during your initial assessment. Biometrics is based on the measurement of the lenght of the eye (axial lenght) and the measurement of the optical power of the cornea (keratometry).

According to these different criteria, the proposed implants can be :

Monofocal implants : they only correct your vision from afar or near, obliging you to keep wearing glasses to see near and at intermediate distances. They don't correct astigmatism.

Multifocal implants : they allow you to simultaneously correct several viewing distances, most often allowing you to no longer wear glasses at all (you will not be presbyopic). This is why they are the choice of most of our patients who value them for their comfort and convenience. They can sometimes cause glare, halos and increased sensitivity to light.

Toric implants : if you suffer from corneal astigmatism, this type of implant (which exists as monofocal or multifocal) can correct this pathology, while giving you good near and far vision.