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Cataract treatment

Cataract treatment at the clinic of Dr. Donate in Lyon.

The earliest implantations date back to 1949, where the opacified lens was replaced by a polymethyl methacrylate ocular prosthesis. Today, cataract surgery is the most practiced surgery in the world ! Surgical instruments and techniques continue to advance to provide more reliable and sustainable interventions.


Capsular fibrosis (or secondary cataract) treatment

Fibrosis of the posterior capsule (the capsule behind the implant) occurs after any cataract operation, after a few months or years. It manifests itself in a progressive decrease in vision.

The treatment of capsular fibrosis is simple and totally painless. It consists of making a small opening in the capsule thanks to impacts made by our Yag laser. The treatment is performed on the patient in a sitting position during a session similar to a consultation. You can come unaccompanied and resume your usual activities right after the treatment. The only discomfort results from possible temporary pupil dilation which only lasts a few hours. This treatment is only needed to be performed once in your lifetime.


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