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Cataract treatment

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery, and it is the most widely-performed procedure in France with nearly 700 000 procedures per year. When the beginning of a cataract is detected, simple ophtalmological monitoring is necessary. This means that the discomfort felt by the patient is the real indication of surgery.

Currently, no drug or food treatment exists to treat a cataract.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to wait for the cataract to reach an advanced stage as it was in the early days of cataract surgery. Indeed, the more advanced the cataract is, the more complicated the surgery will be. It is therefore advisable to intervene at the first symptoms of visual discomfort.

Thanks to improved operating techniques, treatment devices and implants, operating on cataracts has become a very safe and accurate procedure.

The surgical treatment aims to :

- clean the clouded lens

- insert an artificial lens (intraocular implant made of synthetic material), while retaining its natural envelope (capsule) which will serve as a support for the implant.

It is common to operate on one eye and then the other one week later. You can also operate on both eyes in one operation.This operation is definitive and the implant is made to last for life.



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