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Treatment of cataracts at the clinic of Dr. Donate in Lyon.

Our expertise in cataract surgery allows you to permanently give up wearing glasses. You will be able to see into the distance as well as close up.

Cataracts occur in anyone !

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens that restricts the focus of light rays on the retina. The image seen is blurred, regardless of a previous eye correction.
This condition can affect anyone, from a variable age according to the individual. Its consequences on everyday life differ according to socio-professional situations. Thus a very active person may be quickly hindered at the first signs of cataracts, whereas a person less dependent on a good visual acuity can bear a very advanced cataract.



Different types of cataract :

The most common cataract occurs with age. There are also those called “pathological" cataracts; traumatic and congenital. Cataracts often progress slowly. At their final stage, vision is no longer possible.

Surgery is the only treatment for cataracts. Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to wait until the cataract reaches an advanced stage as was the case in the early stages of cataract surgery. Thanks to improved techniques, treatment equipment and implants, this intervention has become very safe and precise. Today, it is even easier and safer to operate on early-stage cataracts than advanced cataracts. It is therefore advisable to intervene from the first symptoms of visual discomfort.



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