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Frequently asked questions

I’m having a corneal graft soon, will there be pain after the operation ?

In the vast majority of cases, there is little or no pain on the operated eye. Post-operative care is simple: often all that’s required is the instillation of eye drops for a few months. You may be prescribed an ointment or medication depending on your specific case.

Will I lose long-distance vision after the operation ?

Visual recovery is progressive and will take several weeks to regain all its quality. During this period you will be supported by your surgeon and his medical team.

Is it possible to go on holiday to a sunny destination after the operation ?

After your operation, you can expose yourself to wind, cold and sun. However, do not forget that wearing sunglasses is strongly advised.

Can I be treated for cataracts as well as corneal problems ?

After examining your eye, your surgeon may suggest that you treat the cataract at the same time as your corneal transplant.

What to do in case of suspected rejection of my corneal graft ?

In case of doubt, it is imperative that you consult your ophthalmologist as soon as possible. If the diagnosis is verified, the rejection can be treated by taking medication, whose effectiveness is very strong. In some exceptional cases, a second corneal transplant may be considered.


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