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The cornea graft in three steps

The cornea graft

The operation is carried out as an outpatient procedure in the same way as for a cataract operation. You enter the clinic on the morning of the operation and you can return to your home the same evening.

It consists of :
* Grafting of healthy endothelial cells
* Removing the diseased endothelial layer by a small incision
* Inserting a ‘lamella’ -a thin layer of cells- carrying healthy endothelial cells through the incision
* Keeping this lamellae placed on the inner face of the cornea thanks to an injection of an air bubble which evacuates itself in a few hours

Post operation :
The surgical processes are generally almost painless. A feeling of "grains of sand" is common during the first few hours. Headaches are possible.
The postoperative treatment is local (eye drops) and it lasts 9 months. The objective is to prevent post-operative infection and reduce the risk of rejection.

During the week following the operation, you must:
* Avoid dusty environments
* Do not rub your eye
* Disinfect your hands often with a hydro-alcoholic gel, especially when instilling eye drops

Your post-operative follow-up will consist of several check-up visits: the day after the operation, 8 days after, 1 month after, 3 months after, 1 year after, and then every year.


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