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Our medical team

donate colloque

Docteur David Donate

  • Inscription à l'ordre des médecins : 691201123
  • Conventionné secteur II
  • Ancien Interne des Hôpitaux de Lyon
  • Ancien Assistant des Hôpitaux de Lyon
  • Ancien Chef de Clinique de la Faculté de Lyon
  • Master imagerie médicale, Kremlin, Bicêtre
  • DIU Chirurgie réfractive et chirurgie de la cataracte
  • Membre de la société américaine de cataracte et de chirurgie réfractive ( ASCRS)
  • Membre de la société européenne de cataracte et de chirurgie réfractive (ESCRS)
  • Membre de la société française de cataracte et de chirurgie réfractive (SAFIR)
    Membre de l'American Academy of Ophthalmology


Our team of optometrists includes Céline, Hélène and Rozenn. They work closely with Dr. David Donate. They are experts in their field, which leads them to participate in professional events on information, research and innovation.


Our team of medical assistants is regularly trained to ensure a high quality care path at all levels of contact: medical, technical and administrative
Our medical assistants have a perfect knowledge of the commitments we make, it is through this lasting relationship that we are able to sustain and develop on the commitment to improvement, which is always at the heart of all our processes.



Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer all of your questions.