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LASIK Xtra is a complement to the normal LASIK procedure, which aims to minimize the effects of LASIK weakening on the cornea by reinforcing it with a cross-linking treatment. The corneas generally become thinner after a LASIK treatment, as the laser excimer removes a few microns from the surface of the cornea. This effect is more pronounced when, for example, severe myopia is treated. In a small percentage of cases, this thinning can cause a complication called corneal ectasia.


  • It reinforces corneas weakened by the action of UVA associated with a photo-sensitive product: riboflavin.
  • This system is based on established principles that have been used with older machines for nearly 10 years.
  • It is CE marked for use throughout Europe and is also approved and used in Canada and Japan.
  • Improvements include shorter treatment times, better accuracy and higher safety.

For the LASIK Xtra procedure, we use the Avedro KXL system. Our advanced Avedro Cross-Linking system is only three minutes longer than the classic LASIK procedure. This is a very short time compared to older cross-linking systems that could take up to an hour to perform. In addition to treatments for patients with keratoconus, KXL Avedro is also used on patients who have already undergone LASIK surgery. LASIK Xtra is useful in cases where we may predict a thinning of the cornea after the LASIK procedure. This includes patients with severe myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and patients with a thin cornea before surgery.

It is your ophthalmologist who will prescribe this treatment according to your pre-operative assessment.


LASIK Xtra (Avedro KXL) is CE marked and therefore approved for use throughout the European Union. It is also approved for use in Canada and Japan. One of the largest centres of refractive surgery in Japan, the Shinagawa LASIK centre, has performed over 3,000 LASIK Xtra procedures. Overall vision is rendered the same as those who have not undergone Xtra LASIK; and CXL treatment does not affect the accuracy of the excimer laser in correcting visual disorders.

More than 25,000 pairs of eyes have been treated with LASIK Xtra in more than 40 countries.

You may, if you wish, refer to the latest clinical studies on the subject:

You can also view a report online on Lasik Xtra results on an international level : "International Results with LASIKXtra" Raj K.Rajpal.MD:


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer all of your questions.


Your operation in three steps:

Before your operation :

On the day of your operation you will spend an hour with us. Upon your arrival at the centre, a pre-medication will be given to you. You will be given a sterile operating robe to wear.

During your operation :

During your operation you will be lying on an ophthalmological chair. After following strict antiseptic rules, local anesthesia will be applied. A few drops of eye-drops are enough. The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes. After using the excimer laser to reshape the cornea as in a typical LASIK procedure, a small amount of specially prepared vitamin B2, called VibeX, is applied for one minute to the surface that has just been treated by the laser. The LASIK flap is then repositioned and the VibeX carefully rinsed. The Kved Avedro system is then positioned above the cornea and ultraviolet light is positioned above the cornea for 90 seconds.

The treatment is then complete. The procedure is not painful and is perfectly safe.

After your operation :

For your departure it is necessary to be met by accompanying person. A rest of 3 to 4 hours with closed eyes is advised. Post-operative care is limited to anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops. Post-operative check-ups can be performed between 1 and 3 days following the surgery. It is advisable to avoid infection-risk situations for 3 to 4 days.

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