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The technique used is the LASIK ALL LASER, coupling the use of the femtosecond Visumax laser, ZEISS with the MEL 90 ZEISS excimer laser.


Before your LASIK operation

The treatments themselves last only 15 minutes, but allow an hour between your arrival at the center and your departure. On arrival, an anxiolytic and analgesic pre-medication is offered. Then, after putting on a sterile operating robe, we enter the operating room for a duration of about 15 minutes. You lie on the ophthalmological chair and drops of anesthetic are instilled in your eyes. There is no stinging, nor need for general anesthesia. Thanks to this local anesthesia, the treatment is perfectly painless.

During your procedure you lie on an ophthalmological chair. The first stage of treatment consists of preparing a thin corneal lenticule using the femtosecond laser. During this step, you will feel a little pressure on your eye for 20 seconds. During this treatment, a stabilizing system ensures the accuracy and safety of the treatment. If, however, you move from the processing position, the laser is stopped, and we can resume the laser treatment at the point where it was interrupted, without any problem. The treatment is applied successively on both eyes.
Then, the rotating chair places you under the excimer laser without you having to rise.
A ‘blepharostat’ (an eye speculum) is placed between your eyelids to keep them open. Anesthesia removes the blinking reflex, so you will not want or need to close your eyelids during the treatment. The lenticule is lifted and the excimer laser treatment is applied to your cornea in order to reshape it, removing your optical defect. This step lasts 10 to 30 seconds per eye.
During the laser treatment, two infra-red security cameras monitor your eye to follow its small movements. If these movements are too great, a safety system instantly interrupts the treatment. This makes it possible to return to the procedure under the best conditions.
Finally, the lenticule is replaced to its natural position, which concludes the operation.

A final check-up of your eyes is done under the microscope before your departure. Sunglasses will be given to you to protect your eyes for when you return to your home.

Après votre intervention LASIK

After the procedure, rest with eyes closed for 2 to 6 hours is advised. The hours following the operation are usually painless, but you may find your eyes watering or "tingling" sensations, as these can be common. You will start a treatment with antibiotic and anti inflammatory eye drops on the evening of the procedure, having taken care to wash your hands well. A follow-up visit is planned for the day after the surgery. It is important not to rub your eyes, and to follow strict hygienic habits the three days after the procedure. A check-up over the phone may also be arranged.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer all of your questions.