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There is no age limit for treating hyperopia !

Hyperopia can be treated as easily as myopia, regardless of your age, severity of hyperopia or your associated optical defect (astigmatism and/or presbyopia).

Hyperopia that requires you to wear glasses can be treated, whether the correction is essential or not. Most people with hyperopia have difficulty seeing things close up, and some people may also have difficulty with a clear vision into the distance. In all cases, treatment is beneficial.

Hyperopia treatment at the clinic of Dr. Donate in Lyon

Current lasers are able to treat hyperopia up to 8 diopters. For more severe hyperopia, implants are more suitable. These implants can also be used to treat hyperopia of 1 to 8 diopters, depending on the condition of your own lens.

To learn more about ‘How laser treatments work’ or ‘intraocular lenses’, please see our page: Discover Refractive Surgery.



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