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Myopia: causes and surgery treatment

Myopia treatment at the Dr. Donate Clinic in Lyon.

Is your vision in the distance blurry?Why? Because the light rays that pass through your eye do not converge on, but in front of, the retina. What’s the reason? Well, either the eye is too long, or the cornea bulges out too much. We are able to correct this visual disorder through surgery, which consists of modifying the path of the light rays so that they converge on the retina, instead of in front of it. You will then be able to see much more clearly into the distance, without the need for glasses or lenses.



The operation to treat myopia can sometimes be trivialized in patients’ minds as it is known to be a successful surgery. However, it requires the mastery of delicate and precise techniques with the experience and skill of a specialized surgeon.

The Dr. Donate Clinic in Lyon offers several methods, including laser refractive surgery and implant placement. Laser refractive surgery reduces the curvature of the cornea in less than 15 minutes. Another suitable option for many patients, being as effective as laser treatment, is implant placement. With our expertise, we will determine the most effective technique for you, after a complete pre-operative diagnosis.




Our commitment :
Tailored treatment to your needs

We are able to personalize the treatment of short-sightedness thanks to our 20 years’ experience in refractive surgery and our cutting-edge technology. The best technique is chosen during your consultation with your surgeon. We decide together how to achieve an optimal and lasting result with the guarantee of perfect safety conditions, and very importantly, the absence of complications or side-effects.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer all of your questions..

Our different surgical techniques


There are several surgical techniques used to treat myopia: notably PKR, LASIK, SMILE, and intraocular lenses.

We choose the best technique for you based on many parameters, such as the topography and thickness of the cornea or the severity of the myopia. The best option for your treatment is that which will give the best result for your vision.
After we’ve chosen which technique we’re going to use, we determine the adequate ablation depth required, depending on the number of diopters to be corrected. The more severe the near-sightedness, the deeper the removal.


Here, we will briefly describe the three main techniques of laser eye surgery:
PKR: First, we remove the most superficial layer from the centre of the cornea, then the laser is applied to the surface of the eye.
LASIK: The Femtosecond laser first creates a thin corneal flap, then the Excimer laser is used to treat visual impairment.
SMILE: The laser cuts a lenticule inside the cornea.

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For many patients, we are able to correct the visual impairment by implanting an intraocular lens. Many different types of implants exist, each adapted to a particular function, however, we prefer to use the ICL STAAR intraocular lenses, which provide excellent accuracy in visual correction and guarantee maximum safety.
The lens is carefully placed behind the iris through a small self-sealing incision in the limbus, which is between the white of the eye and the cornea. It corrects both weak and severe myopia, whether or not it is associated with astigmatism, and it also treats hyperopia.