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Peri-operative protocol

Pre-operative consultation

Our consultations take place at 52, Avenue du Marechal de Saxe, Lyon 69006.
Appointments can be made by phoning us on 04 78 17 27 27.

The peri-operative consultation includes a complete visual assessment with an optometrist followed by an interview with Dr. Donate. We place particular importance on this stage of the process: it is as important as the precision of the surgical procedure in order to guarantee that your eye operation is a success.

Your consultation with our optometrist involves screening all eye pathologies, measuring your visual defect(s) and assessing your visual quality. This visual assessment lasts about one hour.
NB: It is essential to remove your contact lenses before the consultation as this may affect pre-operative results. Please remove your soft lenses 72 hours before the assessment and 10 days before for hard lenses.

Here are some examples of the examinations performed during the visual assessment with our optometrist:

  • Specular corneal topography: OPD-Scan, Nidek
  • Topography of the elevation of the anterior and posterior surfaces: Tms-5, Tomey
  • Corneal Pachymetry: OCT Rtvue, Optovue
  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) of the cornea: OCT Rtvue, Optovue
  • Specular microscopy of the cornea: SP, Topcon
  • Aberrometric analysis: OPD-Scan, Nidek
  • Quantification of vision quality: HD Analyzer, Visiometrics
  • Optical Biometry: IoL Master, Zeiss
  • OCT of retina and optic nerve: Oct Rtvue, Optovue
  • Contrast sensitivity analysis: CSV 1000 E, Vectorvisionf retina and optic nerve: Oct Rtvue, Optovue
  • Subjective Refraction
  • Biomicroscopic examination of all ocular structures
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    Your interview with Dr. Donate

Following your visual assessment, Dr. Donate analyzes the results to give you an indication of surgery needed. This involves determining the feasibility of the surgery and choosing the optimal surgical technique for treating your visual disorder.
Dr. Donate presents a synthesis of your visual assessment and then explains the process and predictable results of the methods that can be used to treat your visual defect.
Dr. Donate practices all refractive surgery techniques. Thanks to his experience on more than 20,000 patients and his constant involvement in the evaluation and development of surgical technologies, he has acquired a profound knowledge of the indications, contraindications and risks involved in each surgical technique.



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Post-operative consultations

The post-operative consultations also take place at 52, Avenue Maréchal de Saxe, Lyon 69006.
Post-operative consultations consist of checking the quality of the healing and your visual recovery. The number of consultations depend on your visual disorder or pathology, and the technique used.
All post-operative findings are statistically analyzed and correlated with pre-operative measures. This data allows Dr. Donate to constantly refine the accuracy of his surgical indications.

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